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Text Box: As a daily computer user myself, I can relate to  your frustrations while using your most valuable, time saving tool, your computer, with all that “work” into the system . You really do not need to see that error message or when it does not want to cooperate with you; you need it fixed!
stopitfixit.com We fix computers! Well, we love miss-behaving computers, running slow, no internet connection, or errors on your screen, or you just need to set it up and install that new  program you just bought. We love working on computers.
We want to save you, your time, and your money, we love to set-up computers, install new applications, and figure out errors that keep you from being productive. If this sound familiar to you? We will be glad to be of assistance. 
Please call stopitfixit.com for a

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Text Box: Let us duke it out for you, we have  years of computer experience and that is all we do; fix computers!

Reloading to the factory default clears all viruses, malware, internet junk that slows your computer,

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Lap Tops, Tablets, Phones, Technical Support.
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